Control process adopted by S.Ti.P. S.r.l. guarantees the product quality according to ISO 9001/2008. Specialist staff ensures constant control at all stages of manufacture, including manufacturing processes qualified external suppliers, such as heat treatment, mechanical workings, and others. The quality control is equipped with the most sophisticated measuring instruments to give customers a quality product.

From 2012 DNV has certified that our company works on the quality standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (bottom of the page is the certificate of quality by clicking on it you can see).


Customers are asking:

  • Mainly the production of molds on their specific
  • Design, production of models, core boxes and related equipment for the automotive, construction, agricultural, energy and rail
  • Provide machining to customer specifications
  • A collaboration service ready and effective in pre sale
  • Answers to any problems that may be found in the post sale

As direction:

  • Define, taking into account the size of business and the context in which we operate, the commitments and objectives necessary to monitor the quality required
  • Identify, qualify and engage vendors to build a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation to ensure the systematic fulfillment of the requirements of quality goods and service purchased and the terms and mode of delivery
  • Provide funding to support the improvement (consistent with the expected benefits)
  • Monitor the customer satisfaction

In addition we undertake to explain, through educational sessions, customer needs, quality culture and its management through knowledge of the objectives and instruments connected to it.

Finally, since the quality perceived by the customer for our employees and our products and services, is not static but dynamic, together we will make continuous review of what is applied and the Quality Policy in order to verify the suitability, l ‘ adequacy by measuring both the effectiveness and defining actions for improvement.

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