Quality Control/digitization

Quality Control/digitization

3D ATOS Scanner

S.TI.P. S.r.l. combines the technology of 3D survey of FLEXIJET with the optical measurement of Scanner ATOS 3D. Instead of tapping specific points, the entire geometry is captured dimensionally in high contrast resolution of a point cloud. Unlike the tactile measurement technology, there are no areas "blind". The entire surface of the component is fully recorded by a grid of points "marker", that allow ATOS generated a workpiece’s math 3D to create the CAD. They are supplied complete inspection reports..

ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner 3D - Arm portable measuring

S.TI.P. S.r.l. complete the dimensional measurements using technology QUANTUM ARM, during the production process, using a margin of error of 0.035 mm.

Freedom of movement: with a fully integrated and certified RS3 laser scanner, this is an all-purpose metrology system for almost any measurement need. Point cloud inspection, product benchmarking, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, virtual assembly or CNC milling are just some of the typical laser scanning applications that can be added to the rich portfolio of touch-probe measurement applications. The integrated laser scanner is designed to capture data from almost any object surface. It does not need warm-up time or additional cables and controllers. Scanner and probe measurements are combined in the same software session.

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