Quality Control/digitization

Quality Control/digitization

ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner 3D - Arm portable measuring

S.Ti.P. S.r.l. employes as dimensional instrument the Romer Absolute Arm with integrated scanner using it during the production process with a margin of error of 0.035 mm.

The fully integrated laser scanning is a universal measure system designed to capture data from almost any object surface; point cloud inspection, product benchmarking, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, virtual assembly or CNC milling are just some of its typical applications.

This technology with the one provide from 3D ATOS SCANNER (supplied by external supplier) can measure the object without touching them, keeping a high level of precision, this allow to:

  • rebuild existing patterns.
  • modify old existing patterns adding some new modifications.
  • scanning the casting and do a control report.