Design And Cad/cam

Design And Cad/cam

Realization of mathematical models and 2D drawings with 3D CAD system Pro-E Creo 2.0.

The tool paths are made using PowerMill Delcam.

Delcam is one of the world's leading providers of advanced CAD / CAM software for the manufacturing sector.

We also have a built-in PowerMill simulator faithful and realistic code iso per license.

Today in the company there are four full licenses for workstations here in a continuous 5 axis.

Few companies of our size can boast such a power.

We realize that mathematics is from 2D drawings from 3D mathematical original; 3D mathematical realization appropriately amended as our customers require, using Pro-E Creo 2.0;

We realize the complete design of the equipment:

  • anime and models made according to the needs of each plant Foundry
  • structural parts
  • cribs withdrawal souls
  • masks deburring
  • pliers ramolaggio